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Balinese Series 2009

Whilst living in Bali in 2008 I attended a ceremony in the local village on the full moon in October. It was three hours of performances for the local Gods. From the Kecak dance (monkey dance), trance dancing to a fire dance. The main attraction of the night was the Kecak performance with a story from the Ramayana, a Hindu epic. It was the highlight of the evening as Kecak was originally from this village (Bona village).
During the dance I was captivated by the character of Sita. She was the main female character in the dance. She showed such beauty and charisma that I wanted to paint her.
This is a series of five paintings of different emotions and stances of the character of Sita expressed in Balinese dance. Which is such a beautiful form of art and expression of their culture. Special thanks to Ayu Eka Putri for your beautiful dance.

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