Irish Goddesses 2003

The aim of this show is to share the experiences I have had with Irish mythology and their culture after having lived in Dublin, Ireland for over two years.
I am drawn to the stories of ancient Ireland, which are so rich in magic and teachings. Ever since I first went to an ancient sacred site, Loughcrew, Co. Meath I have been enchanted by the beauty of Ireland. The presence of magic throughout the Emerald Isle allows the folk tales of Queen Maeve, the Gods and Goddesses, fairies, great warriors, Kings and kingdoms to come to life. As they breath the same air and enchant us all. Tales of love, the folk of the Otherworld, Tuatha De Danann. Crows, battles, heroes, cows, swans, the Sidhe.
I have found great inspiration in these Tales which has brought this showing of the Irish Goddesses into reality. If one can, for even a moment, experience a part of this magic through these paintings ...then I have succeeded.
Special thanks to Trish Cameron, Debbie Sheehey, Ruth Sheehey, Owen Harris, Ratu and to all those at the Holiday Inn Dublin.