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Reflections 1996

'Reflections' was my first solo show. The majority of this work was created when I first moved to Melbourne after studying Graphic Design in country Victoria. Hence the design influence apparent in these works.
Initially it was a lonely time, when I was first in the city, so after work each night I would experiment with colour and line on watercolour paper.
Gouache was a technique I had learnt at school and went on to become very familiar with at Uni. Achieving a flat area of colour with the gouache, gives the impression of a screen print. This is one of the techniques which this watercolour paint is known for.
I would allow the lines to flow on the page, watching it create it's own shapes with the objects and within the lines itself. I didn't use pencil before hand, it was all first draft. In a way this series is like a diary of that time.
This show was held at Cafe Miro in Hardware Lane, Melbourne city. A great cafe filled with Miro inspired artworks and much atmosphere. The opening was a great success with many attending and live music.
This is my only show with which I have exhibited limited edition prints (of 40). These prints are still available for a small price. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print.
Special thanks to Yudha Scholes, Glen and Louis at Cafe Miro and Luis Raccuglia for the music.

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